About Jeroen

I am a BI Consultant working for Inmeta in Norway. I have worked for multiple companies in the Netherlands before deciding to go international with my BI career starting in Norway! I am a Microsoft Certified Solution Expert in Data Analytics and I am a Microsoft Certified Solution Associate in BI Development.

With that out of the way, I’ve focussed my career on bringing the business and IT together to deliver meaningful and valuable IT implementations. This means I am focussed a lot on Methods like Agile and Scrum, but also am interested in Dev-Ops and Data Virtualization. While it is important to understand exactly how to work with technology, it’s even more important to know why we develop solutions using this cool tech!

Besides being a BI Professional I’m a competitive international ballroom dancer and coach. I might blog about this in the future as well if anyone is curious about this part of my life!

Thank you for your interest, and feel free to contact me anytime!